Shree Kala-“Majestic Elephant”, Brass Statue Handcrafted –Metal Art, Dhokra Art



  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Brass Antique
  • Weight: 12.600 KG
  • Size: 13×20 inch
  • Care: Clean using soft microfiber cloth
  • Country Of Origin: Make In India
  • “Shipping Info: Dispatched in a maximum to 2 working days, refer to the availability of item.
  • This item is not returnable.

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    • Meticulously hand crafted, with intricate pattern of tribal statuettes on the body of the elephant and his trunk too. It is a rare and statement art piece in Dhokra handicraft and this artifact is sure to make eyes roll in awe.
    •  This elephant artifact is handpicked from the tribal artisans of Bastar region in Chhatisgarh, who are diligently engaged in keeping the age old practice alive;  crafting and casting nonferrous metal using the lost wax technique, aka. Dhokra Art.
    • Vaastu tip- Elephant is identified with its strength, wisdom, power, vigilance, lasting memory and productivity. As per vaastu, when placed in pairs at the entrance of your house, they bring prosperity and wealth in manifolds.
    • Elephant statue is ideal for any room in the house: if a pair is placed in bedroom it strengthens the bond and trustworthiness of the couple, bringing love and harmony. It is strongly recommended to couples facing infertility issues.
    • As elephants epitomize strong memory, an elephant statue is ideal for children’s room too, it enhances their memory and learning abilities.
    • If placed correctly as pairs at the office entrance; facing indoors, it is said to bring in success and prosperity. Even a small elephant statue on your work desk is said to enrich skill and mental ability of an individual.


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