Shree Kala – Resolute Brass Nandi; centuries old – Metal Marvel; Dhokra Art



  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Brass Antique
  • Weight: 1.465 Kg
  • Size: H 5.5″ inch  W 6″ inch
  • Care: Clean using soft microfiber cloth
  • Country Of Origin: Make In India
  • Shipping: No Shipping Charges!
  • Dispatched & Packaging:  Dispatched in maximum 2 working days and packed in manner to avoid all transition damages.

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    • Straight from the handful tribal artisans of Dhokra Art from Chhattisgarh, innocent eyed NANDI bull in a sitting posture. Ornate, embellished and intricately handcrafted using 4000yr old practice of casting. Dhokra is traditional art form of creating artifacts using nonferrous metal by the intricate process of lost wax technique.
    • Nandi the mythological character and vehicle of Lord Shiva is said to secure and protect the inhabitants also called Nandideva, is a Sanskrit word that means happy, joy, power, and satisfaction. As lord’s gatekeeper and avid follower it is believed that Nandi protects the owner from any unprecedented losses in business. Stock market investors and brokers should keep a Nandi at office and home as it attracts gains and customers alike. Nandi bull is Lord Shiva’s most trusted disciple and as per Vastu and Indian belief it is said to build trust and loyalty. Keep this divine piece of art in south west direction to attract benefits and positivity. Nnadi Also gives you the blessings of forefathers and helps in pitra dosha.
    • Vastu tip-“Nandi Bull” in standing posture represents power, joy, strength and wisdom. As the most loyal devotee of Lord Shiva, if you are placing a Nandi at home in temple, he should always face North and of course his most revered god ‘Shiva’.
    • If placing Nandi as a decorative object d’ art in office or home, place it in south west direction (ideally facing north east).
    • Shree Kala Home decor brings most appealing and curated pieces to adorn your home or office with panache.


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