The Goddess Of Isis Wall Painting Brown & Golden Frame


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  • Base Print: Foil Paper
  • Theme: Religion, Gods and Mythology
  • Material : Foil Paper, Synthetic Frame, 2mm Pure Glass and MDF Board
  • Color: Brown
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Frame: 1.5 ” inch
  • Mount : 1.5 Inch * 1.5 Inch
  • Frame Size : Refer to Dimension Pic
  • Country of Origin : India
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Introducing the exquisite Goddess of Isis Wall Painting from shree kala home decor, where the realms of artistry and spirituality converge to create a divine ambiance for your living space. Elevate your home decor to celestial heights by immersing yourself in the enchanting allure of ancient Egypt.

Our collection at Shree Kala Home Decor encapsulates the profound significance of art in ancient Egypt, where it held the incredible power to maintain universal order and bestow immortal life upon those who embraced its magic. Inspired by the captivating traditions of painting, sculpture, carving, and script, our offerings aim to bring this ancient mystical aura to your modern living environment, allowing you to connect with the gods in a truly timeless way.

The Goddess of Isis, a revered figure in Egyptian mythology, embodies the divine feminine energy and stands as a symbol of motherhood, magic, and healing. This breathtaking wall painting effortlessly captures the essence of her grace, power, and compassion.

Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, meticulous attention to detail is evident in every brushstroke, ensuring a truly mesmerizing and lifelike depiction of this ancient deity. The vibrant colors and rich textures harmoniously blend together to create a visually captivating masterpiece. Its presence in your home will not only be an aesthetically pleasing addition but also a spiritual sanctuary, inviting the blessings of Isis into your space.

Whether you choose to adorn your living room, bedroom, or meditation area, this divine artwork is guaranteed to be a conversation starter and a cherished heirloom for generations to come. At shree kala home decor, we understand the importance of creating an environment that resonates with your soul.

Our Goddess of Isis Wall Painting is meticulously created to evoke a sense of wonder, awe, and serenity within your home, serving as a daily reminder of the eternal essence of art and spirituality. Indulge in the timeless allure of ancient Egypt and embark on a transformative journey alongside the goddess herself. Explore our diverse collection at Shree Kala Home Decor and bring a touch of sacred beauty into your life today.

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The Goddess Of Isis Wall Painting Brown & Golden Frame
The Goddess Of Isis Wall Painting Brown & Golden Frame
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