Brown Packaging Tape 2 Inches 65 Meter Set Of 3


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  • Brown Adhesive Tape
  • Width: 2-Inch
  • Length: 65 Meter
  • Thickness: 40 Micron
  • Package Content: 3 Set of Tape
  • Excellent holding power so the package stays sealed.
  • High tensile strength holds boxes together easily.
  • Colour:- Brown
  • Recommended Uses for Product: – Packaging
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the Shree kala home decor brown Packaging Tape 2 Inches 65 Meter – an essential tool for all your packaging needs. This premium quality packaging tape is designed to provide utmost durability, security, and convenience during your everyday tasks. Measuring at 2 inches in width, this tape offers a wide coverage area, ensuring efficient and time-saving application.

With a length of 65 meters, you can rely on this tape to fulfill your packaging requirements, whether for personal or professional use. Crafted in a classic brown color, this packaging tape exudes a timeless appeal while maintaining a professional appearance. Its neutral hue seamlessly adapts to various packaging materials, blending in effortlessly with any color scheme or branding.

Durability is paramount when it comes to packaging, which is why this tape is constructed from high-quality materials. The strong adhesive ensures a secure bond, preventing any accidental detachment during transit or storage. Trust in this tape to keep your items safely enclosed and protected throughout their journey. Beyond its functional aspects, the Shree kala home decor Brown Packaging Tape also enhances the overall packaging experience.

Its smooth and effortless unwinding feature facilitates seamless application, making the process efficient and hassle-free. No more wasted time and effort struggling with tangled or difficult-to-use tape! This packaging tape is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for sealing cardboard boxes, envelopes, packages, and various other items that require secure packaging.

Whether you are shipping products, organizing your storage space, or packing gifts for loved ones, rest assured that this tape will provide exceptional performance. The Shree kala home decor Brown Packaging Tape is an indispensable tool for businesses, individuals, and professionals seeking reliable packaging solutions.

Its superior quality, ease of use, and versatile applications make it an excellent choice for all your packaging needs. Invest in this high-performance packaging tape today and elevate your packaging game to new heights. Order the Shree kala home decor Brown Packaging Tape 2 Inches 65 Meter and experience the perfect blend of durability and convenience.

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Weight 0.6 kg



2 Inch


65 Meter


40 Micron


Yes, must be unused and unsealed (package).

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Brown Packaging Tape 2 Set Of 3
Brown Packaging Tape 2 Inches 65 Meter Set Of 3
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