Corrugated Packing Box ,5 Ply, Brown, 11x13x13 Inch


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  • Corrugated Construction: Made from corrugated cardboard material, providing strength, durability, and cushioning to protect the contents during shipping and handling.
  • 5-Ply Design: Constructed with five layers of corrugated cardboard, offering enhanced structural integrity and resistance to crushing or puncturing, making it suitable for heavy or fragile items.
  • Brown Color: Typically comes in a natural brown color, offering a simple and neutral aesthetic that is suitable for various packaging needs.
  • Generous Dimensions: Sized at 27x13x14 inches, providing ample space to accommodate larger or bulkier items, making it suitable for shipping or storing a wide range of products.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various packaging and shipping applications, including e-commerce, retail, moving, storage, and more.
  • Easy Assembly: Typically designed for easy assembly, with pre-scored fold lines and flaps that can be quickly folded and secured with tape or adhesive.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from recyclable materials, promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing environmental impact.
  • Customizable: Can often be customized with printing, branding, or labeling options to suit specific business or branding requirements.
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Shree Kala Home Decor offers a high-quality Corrugated Packing Box that is designed to provide optimal protection for your valuable items during storage or transportation. This sturdy box is constructed with 5 Ply corrugated cardboard, ensuring durability and strength to withstand heavy loads.The box comes in a classic Brown color, adding a touch of elegance to your packaging. With dimensions of 27x13x14 inches, it provides ample space for storing a variety of items such as home decor pieces, clothing, accessories, or any other goods you need to pack and transport securely.

Whether you are moving to a new home, shipping products to customers, or simply organizing your space, the Shree Kala Home Decor Corrugated Packing Box is the perfect solution for your packaging needs. Trust in the quality and reliability of our product to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Shree Kala Home Decor Corrugated Packing Box, a reliable and sturdy solution for all your packaging needs. This box is constructed with high-quality 5-ply corrugated cardboard material, ensuring durability and protection for your items during transit or storage.The brown color of the box adds a touch of elegance and simplicity, making it suitable for various occasions and settings. With dimensions of 27x13x14 inches, this box offers ample space for packing a variety of items, making it ideal for home decor products, gifts, or personal belongings.

Whether you are moving to a new place, shipping products to customers, or organizing your home, the Shree Kala Home Decor Corrugated Packing Box provides a secure and practical solution. Trust in the quality and reliability of this box to meet your packaging needs with ease.

Upgrade your packaging experience with the Shree Kala Home Decor Corrugated Packing Box – the perfect blend of strength, style, and versatility. Order yours today and enhance the way you pack and store your items!

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