Pharaoh of the Mystic wall Painting


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Foil art painting inspired from the ancient Egypt culture, an entrancing replica of famous ancient Egyptian wall art, depicting Pharohs Of The Mystic Egypt..Hunting Foil Embossed Wall Painting

  • Base Print: Foil Paper
  • Theme: Religion, Gods and Mythology
  • Material : Foil Paper, Synthetic Frame, 2mm Pure Glass and MDF Board
  • Color: Brown
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Frame: 1.5 ” inch
  • Mount : 1.5 Inch * 1.5 Inch
  • Size : 26″ * 19″
  • Country of Origin : India”
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Introducing the Pharaoh of the Mystic wall painting, the epitome of aesthetic excellence, exclusively available at Shree Kala Home Decor. Elevate the ambiance of your space with this stunning piece of artwork that effortlessly combines timeless beauty with mystical allure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Pharaoh of the Mystic wall painting showcases the majestic aura of an ancient Pharaoh, captivating all who behold it. Adorned in regal attire and adorned with ornate jewelry, the Pharaoh gazes into the distance, exuding an enigmatic charm that is sure to mesmerize any observer.

The artistry of this painting is truly remarkable. Every brushstroke is a testament to the skill and talent of our dedicated artists, who have expertly captured the essence of the Pharaoh’s presence. The intricacy in the detailing, from the delicate facial features to the flowing garments, is a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest quality artwork.

Not only does the Pharaoh of the Mystic Wall painting exemplify artistic mastery, it also infuses your space with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Whether it be adorning the walls of your living room, bedroom, or office, this captivating artwork is guaranteed to be a focal point of admiration and conversation. Crafted using premium materials, the Pharaoh of the Mystic wall painting boasts exceptional durability, ensuring its longevity and allowing you to enjoy its beauty for years to come. Its vibrant colors and impeccable finish further contribute to its striking visual appeal, transforming any space into a realm of enchantment.

At Shree Kala Home Decor, we understand the importance of finding the perfect piece of art to complete your interior design vision. With the Pharaoh of the Mystic Wall painting, we invite you to embark on a journey through time, immersing yourself in the charm and allure of ancient Egyptian royalty. Indulge in the elegance and allure of the Pharaoh of the Mystic wall painting, exclusively available at Shree Kala Home Decor. Unleash the captivating power of art and transform your space into a sanctuary of beauty and sophistication. Shop now and elevate your home decor to unparalleled heights.

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Pharaoh of the Mystic wall Painting
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