Dhokra Art: The Pride of Indian Tribal Legacy

“Sone ki Chidiya” India, was always famous for its intricate art and diverse culture. Till today, the artisan communities of various regions are proudly nurturing the inherited legacy of their ancestors. Each community boasts of lineage and traditional techniques. Let’s journey to the enigmatic Delta region of India and peek in to yet another distinctly unique and famous Metal art.

Dhokra Art:

Big round eyes, sharp and well defined facial features, handcrafted figurines embellished and adorned, moulded out of rich alloy of copper and bronze, Dhokra/Dokra art form is not new to any art aficionado. Famous from prehistoric times this ancient art form traces its roots back to the era of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilization.  This 4000 year old technique of metal casting and crafting is kept alive by the artisan families of India.

What is Dhokra Art?

Dhokra art- is named after its creators, the metal smith tribe of Odisha ,West Bengal and Jharkhand  region, famously known as’ Dhokar damar’.

The nomadic tribe of erstwhile Damar community travelled from East of India to South, leaving behind a legacy to be traced by art lovers. Since its origin is traced back to Harrapan era aka Bronze Age, this technique involves casting of non-ferrous metals i.e., an alloy of metals including copper and bronze. The metal smiths till today use the age old technique of lost-wax or cire-perdue to create this art piece.

What is Dhokra Art technique?

The Dhokra art predominantly uses the intricate traditional process of lost wax, to create an artifact.  In this technique the metal smith starts by kneading clay and creating a cast for his figure, with a hollow core/ or center. Then he prepares a wax which traditionally comprises of bees wax (collected from honey combs), resin from “ Damara orientalis tree’ along with nut oil.  The cast is then covered with this wax mixture and given its final shape and detailing. Once a shape is developed with all the decoration and carving, it is again covered with layers of clay to get an embossed form of the wax on the inside, thereby creating a mould for the alloy to be poured in. Once the clay is dried these moulds are cooked in furnace, during this process the wax melts away through the ducts left open; hence the term ‘lost wax’. After the melted wax is drained out the metal smith meticulously pours the molten alloy into the mould. When the metal cools down it hardens to take the shape of the mould. As the last step, the cooked clay is removed to uncover the brightly shiny metal sculpture.

Voila! A  Dhokra masterpiece is ready.

Themes of Dhokra Art

All tribal art forms are generally inspired from mythological characters, nature, animals and day to day life. Dhokra is no different.  Not just flora-fauna or mythological characters, the tribal women in their traditional attire, performing day to day activities is a common inspiration hat can be seen. Asymmetrical yet intriguing, these sculptures are an insight to our past, thereby adding value to our present.

Vaastu and Dhokra Art

Whether your house is Indo themed or western, these artifacts bring a contemporary edge to your office or home decor. Vaastu, the ancient science of architecture calculates the vibrations of each object and its placement direction, to bring immense benefits to the occupants, in terms of harmony, health, wealth and happiness.

As per Vaastu, keeping heavy metallic artifacts or brass decorative items in West Zone of the house ushers in positivity and enhances positive vibrations of the house.

Shree Kala Home decor is one stop solution for your home decoration needs. We help you balance the yin and yang. Our collectibles specially the brass decorative items for living room will not only embellish your home but satiate your art appetite. They will usher in positive vibrations and energy to your home or office. Shree Kala Home Decor also caters to your mandir or home temple requirements with matchless collection of brass pooja items.

Nandi from our Dhokra art collection, is ideal for home and office.

We all recognize the mythological character Nandi, a cohort of Shiva. It is identified as Lord Shiva’s Vahan, who follows his master with utmost sincerity. He epitomizes loyalty, patience and happiness. Pair the Nandi with our antique brass bucket for that special Shivling bath daily or on special occasions.
A must have for any business house; it will bring prosperity and help in building customer loyalty and success in all endeavours. It is a must for every home which thrives to benefit from the blessings of their forefathers.
Ideal direction: south west.

Brass Elephant:

Elephant is identified with its strength, wisdom, power, vigilance, lasting memory and productivity. As per vaastu, when placed in pairs at the entrance of your house, they bring prosperity and wealth in manifolds.

Elephant statue is ideal for any room in the house: if a pair is placed in bedroom it strengthens the bond and trustworthiness of the couple, bringing love and harmony. It is strongly recommended to couples facing infertility issues.

As elephants epitomize strong memory, an elephant statue is ideal for children’s room too, it enhances their memory and learning abilities.

If placed correctly as pairs at the office entrance; facing indoors, it is said to bring in success and prosperity. Even a small elephant statue on your work desk is said to enrich skill and mental ability of an individual. Visit us for unique and inimitable brass collection and best Brass items in India.

Kamdhenu mother.  

We heard the story of cosmic cow during ‘samudra manthan’. This mother of all cows and her calf Nandini are revered in Hindu households. As per mythological scriptures it is considered as unification goddess Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga; each symbolizing wealth, wisdom and strength. An ideal for home or office, it represents purity, strong mental and emotional ability, financial stability and positivity.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or an avid antique hoarder, our Dhokra Art collection and brass handicraft from craftsmen across Indian Sub- continent, are sure to add in cultural and aesthetic value to your home.

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