Let there be light!

And then there was light!

We all know light is an essential requisite for a human being; same as decorative lights are a pre requisite for a home. Today luminaires are an integral feature of a modern house; they add character and depth to any space and are a style statement too. A light not only illuminates a dark room, but it brightens a dull one too. Today lights are a complete decorative ensemble in itself, and one gets to choose from an array of styles and designs.

Why do we need decorative lights?

Decorative or fancy lights are used to enhance ambient lighting condition of any given space. Lights are often chosen to blend with the theme of the decor. The wall ascents and carpets play a vital role in picking the perfect chandelier or wall mounted lamps for your indoor space. Lights bring a warm glow to the room and make it more welcoming and engaging. Entertaining guests in a warm and well lit room, adds a charm to the evening.


Types of luminaries or light fixtures.

Wall lights as the name suggests are wall mounted fixtures. These modern day decorative wall lights help bring drab large partition/wall to life.

The hand curated collection of sconce lights at Shree Kala Home Decor can  add depth and enhances the visual impact of any space, be it your stairwell or panned ceilings where a roof/ ceiling fixture will look out of place.

Wall Sconces are inspired by the traditional candle sconce, a typical wall bracket used in the vintage era. In contemporary garb, they elevate and embellish any wall as decorative wall mounted fixtures with the function to fix ambiance/mood of a space. They are also added to a wall as the central or focal point, like above a mantelpiece or fire place, besides a large window, or the mirror.

Sconces are one the versatile light fixtures, the upward and downward shades/ art light sconce can help to accentuate the focal image,  that you want to highlight in your hall way, anteroom or drawing room. One can also use them above the study, as ideal reading light option or even as bed side lamps.

Mirror lightsMirror lights

Be it the mirror in your entryway, dresser or bathroom we all glance to take a quick reflection check whenever we cross one. I often wonder why, we look so graceful and glamorous in a hotel bathroom or trial rooms of your favorite shopping brand. The answer in unison is the light effect, did u know that without a proper accent light around mirror,  you may look drab or ghastly.

Placing light above a mirror or mirror with lights accentuates the reflection and helps in checking the flaw areas, while light below the mirror adds more drama to the reflection. Drama or no drama we all want to look our best when we look in a mirror, worry not, visit ShreeKala home decor and choose from the wide collection of mirror lights for that perfect reflection; that is YOU.

Picture lights

Contemporary or antique, long picture light or picture light for wall the choice is of course yours, but the purpose of a picture light is to highlight and evenly spread the light exposure on the print or that prized possession from the vintage heirloom.

Whether it is a Wall mounted picture light or frame mounted picture light, there are certain key elements to keep in mind while investing in them; the orientation of the art piece- Portrait or landscape. For a landscape oriented picture/ painting the light should be ideally third and a half size of the picture width, while for a portrait picture the light should be half the width of the picture. When one invests in an exclusive master piece, picking the right light to enhance and highlight the elements of it is important, and a perfect masterpiece needs a perfect picture light.

New age LED bulbs with white light or warm glow also make an equally responsible choice as picture frame lights, for one they are energy efficient and also it has minimal heat effect on the painting.

Shree Kala home decor has taken the onus to enhance every corner and every wall of your home, with customized collection of Fancy/decorative lights and luminaires. Buy anything from wall hanging lamps, wall pendant lights, decorative wall sconce, wall mounted, or hanging lamps, even contemporary energy savers – trendy LED wall lights for indoor spaces, to many more statement pieces.

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