Spiritual Wellness Islamic Wall Painting 4 QULs


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  • Base Print: Foil Paper
  • Theme: Religion, Gods and Mythology
  • Material : Embossed Aluminum Foil, Synthetic Frame, Glass and MDF Board
  • Color: Brown
  • Frame: 1 inch
  • Wooden Shape: Rectangular
  • Mount : 1.25 Inch
  • Size : 15 * 19 Inches (H * L)
  • Country of Origin : India
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Introducing Islamic Wall Painting by Shree Kala Home Decor, a product that brings harmony and spiritual wellness into your living space. Experience the transformative power of the Four QULS, an ancient practice rooted in Islamic tradition that offers a profound connection to divine healing and protection. The Four QULS, comprising Surah Ikhlas, Surah Al Falaq, and Surah An Nas, hold immense significance within the Quran. Reciting these verses not only grants spiritual solace but also acts as a shield against the adversities of life. Shree Kala Home Decor offers a unique and aesthetically pleasing By adorning your living space with our Shree Kala Home Decor, you open the door to a multitude of blessings.

Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this Islamic wall painting beautifully showcases calligraphy in an elegant and contemporary style, making it a perfect addition to any home or office interior. The fusion of vibrant colors and intricate designs creates a mesmerizing piece that truly captivates the eyes and the heart. Hang this enchanting wall painting in your living room, bedroom, or any other space where you seek solace and spiritual rejuvenation.

Its presence will not only enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings but also exude a sense of serenity and harmony, creating a peaceful atmosphere that encourages reflection and connection with the divine. Made using high-quality materials, the Shree Kala Home Decor ensures durability and longevity.

Its size allows it to be easily noticed and appreciated, making it an ideal choice for both personal and gift purposes. Whether you are a devout Muslim seeking a meaningful piece of art that resonates with your beliefs, or someone who appreciates the beauty of Islamic calligraphy, the Shree Kala Home Decor is the perfect choice. Embrace the spiritual significance and elegance of this Islamic wall painting, and invite blessings and positivity into your life and home.

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Spiritual Wellness Islamic Wall Painting 4 QULs
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